diisocyanate-free alternative to lithium grease thickeners 

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Looking for an alternative thickener for your grease formulations without the hassle of working with diisocyanates or the degradation issues associated with metal thickeners?  Polyamide-based thickeners could be the solution you’ve been looking for.

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Diisocyanates are notoriously difficult to handle and store. Work with us to determine if polyamide-based grease thickeners are the easy-to-handle polymeric alternative for you. 

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If you’re currently relying on diisocyanates or lithium-based grease thickeners, you could be missing out on the possibilities of polyamides. Explore how polyamide ingredients from a market leader like INVISTA could benefit your operation, or simply connect with our team to discuss your options or request a sample. 

Put polyamides to the test 

Durability + versatility 

Polyamides are known for their stability and have the potential to be used as co-thickeners in hybrid formulations, opening the possibility for a broad range of customized solutions.

Readily available 

If the future availability and price volatility of lithium concerns you, know that INVISTA continues to invest and has significantly expanded the capacity of key polyamide raw materials, reinforcing the global supply for the foreseeable future.